Restaurant owner gives up liquor license after children found drinking inside

Man says he made mistake renting out restaurant

INDIANAPOLIS - The owner of an Indianapolis business where dozens of underage people were exposed to alcohol gave up his liquor license.

Adrian Tamayo appeared before the Marion County Alcoholic Beverage Board on Monday.

More than 80 underage people, some as young as age 13, were found drinking inside the Early Bird Bar & Grill, also known as the Pancake House, in March. At least three of them had consumed alcohol, officials said.

Tamayo admitted he made a mistake renting out his restaurant, in the 8300 block of North Michigan Road, allowing minors to be exposed to alcohol.

"Liquor brings you trouble. I don't want that," he said. "I want to be straight on the street."

The board voted unanimously to recommend that Tamayo lose his liquor permit, but he agreed not to fight to keep his license.

"We appreciate the action he's taken," said Nancy Beals, of Drug Free Marion County. "I encourage people to get pancakes from his place, because he showed some willingness to be a good restaurant in our area."

Tamayo said he may have to close the restaurant, citing slow business. He said he doesn't blame the recent bad publicity for keeping customers away.

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