Security firm owner denies police impersonation complaints

INDIANAPOLIS - The focus of a Call 6 Investigation is now under police scrutiny. A source confirms that the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is looking into complaints involving the owner of the Indianapolis-based Urban Tactical Response Agency. 

Two women told the Call 6 Investigators that on separate occasions Melvin Hall claimed he was working with a police agency in Marion County.

Hall said that he has never impersonated a police officer.

"I am not a police officer," Hall said during a one-on-one interview with Call 6 Investigator Rafael Sanchez.

Abby Younce is the manager of the Eagle Pointe Apartment in Indianapolis. She said Hall told her he worked with Metro police.

"He told me he was IMPD officer because I asked him what district he worked for. He said IMPD," Younce said.

The Eagle Pointe Apartments is the same place Officer Rod Bradway was killed in September.

Before that, the complex had been dealing with a couple of break-ins and was looking to hire a security firm.

Hall's visit in August and his IMPD claim put him at the top of the list until Younce called West District.

"He said we don't have an officer by the name of Melvin Hall," Younce said a supervisor told her.

"I've let a lot of my managers on my side of town know this gentleman comes in and what he looks like and his name -- he's not who he says he is," she said.

Another woman asked the Call 6 Investigators not to identify her because of her job with the City of Indianapolis.

She was parked on a lot at 86th Street in October, when she said Hall shined a bright vehicle light in her face and asked for her identification.

"I looked at him and said for what? Who are you? And he said Lt. Hall with the Marion County Sheriff's Department. Let me see your driver's license," she said.

Hall said he works with local enforcement and that the women misunderstood what he said to them.

"Bottom line is I did not do it," Hall said.

Last June, Hall was dismissed from the Metro Police Civilian Volunteer program. Volunteers work traffic for big city events like the mini-marathon. They get no vehicle or weapon.

Sources told the Call 6 Investigators that Hall claimed he was a member of the volunteer program months after his position was revoked.

Metro police said that happened after his fingerprints came back.

"Prints were taken. Once we received the information that we that we didn't think he was fit for the program, he was terminated from the position," IMPD Lt. Chris Bailey said.

Hall added that he is not a threat or a danger to the public.

His attorney Chad Wuertz sent a letter to the Call 6 Investigators on Jan. 13.

"Although Mr. Hall previously served his community as a member of IMPD’s civilian volunteers, he has never held himself out as a police officer. The allegations against Mr. Hall and his security company are the product of rivalry between companies competing for business. Indeed, Mr. Hall and Urban Tactical Response have been instrumental in observing and reporting several crimes to police, many of which have resulted in arrest and conviction. It is unfortunate that some individuals have decided to portray Mr. Hall and his company in an unfair light," the letter read.

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