Shot fired, federal witness cornered, prompting FBI arrest

Informant's kids nearby when shot fired

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis man has been arrested by the FBI, accused of firing a shot and making threats after cornering an undercover witness in a federal drug investigation.   

The witness, a confidential informant, had children in the car when the confrontation unfolded.

Logan Mediate, 20, was jailed on federal charges of tampering with a federal witness, as well as possession of a firearm in a crime of violence. He was also charged with possessing a gun despite a past felony conviction.

A detention hearing that was set for Friday in Indianapolis federal court is being rescheduled for a later date.

Mediate is accused of taking aim at a confidential informant who was involved in an undercover FBI investigation that has already resulted in a woman’s arrest on federal methamphetamine dealing charges back in February.

After that woman’s arrest on the drug counts, FBI agents said Mediate used a car to corner the car being driven by the undercover informant in the Mars Hill area of southwest Indianapolis.

The informant said that, while visiting a friend, a red Ford pickup truck pulled up and cornered the informant inside the car with the informant’s children.

Mediate is accused of shouting that the informant had “set up” the woman who was arrested on the methamphetamine charges by conducting “eight buys” of drugs that resulted in the woman’s arrest.

The informant denied any involvement in the investigation, FBI agents wrote in court papers obtained by the Call 6 Investigators. However, agents said Mediate insisted that he had pictures of the informant conducting the “buys.”

Agents wrote that, once the informant was able to exit the vehicle, Mediate said, “I would shoot you right here…. Get your stuff and get out of Mars Hill, don’t ever come back!

“If I ever see you in Mars Hill again, I’ll kill you!” agents quoted him in court papers as shouting to the informant.

The gender of the informant was not revealed in court papers, but agents wrote that the informant tried to gather his or her children and get them away from the confrontation but it then escalated.  

At one point, the informant tried to drive away to keep the children away from the encounter, but Mediate is accused of chasing the informant and continuing the threats when the two vehicles stopped again nearby.

Mediate is accused of pulling a sawed-off shotgun and levelling it out the window of the pickup truck while aiming it at the informant.  

He’s then accused of firing one round into the air while shouting, “I told you… I will shoot this thing and kill you.”

Agents said he also told the informant that he could have the charges against the woman “disappeared” because he has a lawyer, and he then told the informant “don’t show up” for future court dates involving the woman’s case.

“I’m serious, dude, I will shoot you,” agents quoted him as shouting at the informant.

Agents said the informant’s children eventually hurried inside a friend’s home, and Mediate then drove away from the area.

In court papers, agents wrote that they responded on March 24 to a home in the 2500 block of South McClure Street to look for Mediate.  They confiscated a sawed-off shotgun that matched the informant’s description of the gun that was aimed, and acquaintances of Mediate told agents the gun belonged to him.

Mediate was then located and, on his way to jail, agents said he told them, “All I did was go talk to (the informant) and tell (the informant) to get off of drugs…. I didn’t threaten (the informant).”

Federal charges of tampering with a witness are rare in any jurisdiction. Federal law makes it a crime to intimidate or threaten a witness to try and sway or prevent their testimony in a court case or an investigation. 

The additional charge of possessing a gun in spite of a felony conviction stems from a 2012 felony robbery conviction out of Marion County. Mediate was sentenced to two years in prison in September 2012, but he served only half of the sentence under state sentencing guidelines.

A spokesman for the US Attorney offered no other information about the case.   When asked whether agents were able to include so many quotes from the confrontation because they were listening in or recording the event as it happened, he said he could not comment.

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