Source: Police union complains cost-saving ideas ignored in city report

Report from FOP says city needs 400 more officers

INDIANAPOLIS -  The local police union sent a letter to Public Safety Director Troy Riggs out of frustration, detailing ways to put more police on city streets, sources told the Call 6 Investigators.

In the four-page letter dated June 4, the Fraternal Order of Police criticizes that they were allowed to participate in an Allocation Efficiency Team but were not allowed to present input for the final report.

The FOP says it believes the city is 400 police officers short, and it believes its ideas can help with the crunch.

Indianapolis Metro Police Chief Rick Hite said many of the ideas are under review and he's hoping to hire 100 new officers and at least 35 civilian employees to handle calls.

"It's a process within the police department. We don't want to hire cops like other cities do. We want to use sustainable thinking," Hite said.

The FOP is recommending several steps, including reassigning 55 officers in the Downtown district to regular beats, placing officers assigned to Command Staff back on the street, eliminating the appointed rank of major (which is discretionary, and not a merit rank), moving officers to 10-hour shifts to save on overtime and merging several investigative divisions, such as Gangs with Violent Crimes.

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