Speedway man arrested in theft of neighbors' rent checks

Aaron Edwards, 30, charged with felony theft

SPEEDWAY, Ind. - Police have made an arrest after the Call 6 Investigators reported on missing rent checks at a Speedway apartment complex.

Residents of the Coppertree Apartments on Fair Oaks Drive were depositing their monthly rental payments into a night deposit box, but a Chase Bank security worker called police when he started noticing checks made out to the apartment complex being deposited into a resident’s account.

Police said Chase froze the bank account of that resident as detectives started looking into the deposits.

Speedway police told the Call 6 Investigators on Wednesday that an arrest has been made in the case, with Aaron Edwards, 30, facing felony charges of theft and receiving stolen property.

Sgt. Jim Thiele said Edwards admitted to stealing the money orders, saying he was tempted because he found his neighbors’ rent checks overflowing from the drop box.

Police said the apartment complex reimbursed its residents who were ripped off and has since removed its drop box.

Officers gathered their evidence and questioned Edwards, eventually obtaining an arrest warrant. He was arrested earlier this month when police pulled him over for a traffic violation and discovered that warrant. 

Police said that Edwards called police to file a complaint when his bank account was frozen. He told officers at the time that his account was frozen because of a fraudulent attempt to withdraw money. In reality, Chase reported no fraudulent attempts to withdraw money from his account.

Police said Chase discovered the crime before residents even realized that their rent checks had been stolen.

Bank investigators said no attempt was even made to remove the apartment complex name from the checks when they were deposited, one after the other, into Edwards’ bank account.

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