State moves to suspend medical license for doctor after armed road rage clash

Licensing board files for 90-day suspension

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana regulators have launched proceedings to suspend the medical license for a prison doctor charged with firing a gun in a Kentucky road rage clash that was caught on camera.

Dr. Perrin Thomas Dobyns, of Corydon in southeastern Indiana, made national headlines after his freeway encounter on Interstate 75 in Madison County, Ky. on Sept. 29.

A motorist told Kentucky State Police that he whipped out his cellphone to record aggressive and dangerous driving as Dobyns swerved into the emergency shoulder lane.

The phone recording then shows what appears to be Dobyns aiming a gun at the motorist who was recording him.

Police said he fired one shot during the confrontation, resulting in felony charges of wanton endangerment being filed against Dobyns.

After Dobyns' arrest, he was suspended from duty at his prison health care job.  The Corizon Correctional Health Care Company called it an "unfortunate incident involving one of our employees" when announcing his suspension without pay.

He was employed as a physician at a Branchville, Ind. prison when it happened.

The State of Indiana Medical Licensing Board has now filed administrative proceedings to suspend Dr. Dobyns' license to practice medicine in any capacity.  The state's filing asks for an immediate 90-day suspension, with additional sanctions possible later.

The board has notified Dobyns that a hearing will be held in the coming weeks, in which he can present his defense and any argument against suspending his medical license. Regardless of whether he attends the hearing, the state board can issue a suspension and require counseling or other  conditions for having his license reinstated.

Dobyns has not commented publicly since his arrest.

No one was hurt in the road rage encounter.

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