Truck stop sting yields arrests after Call 6 Investigators report

Lloyd accused of using tactics in report

INDIANAPOLIS - A suspected prostitute apparently didn’t get the hint, police said, after she was arrested on charges of soliciting a sex deal at a truck stop using a CB radio on Wednesday  night.

Vice Squad officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said they arrested the woman whose voice was included in a Call 6 Investigators hidden camera report on prostitutes using CB radio channels to drum up business at southside  truck stops.

The woman whose voice was recorded in the Call 6 Investigators July 18 report was heard mentioning prices for sex acts, arranging meetings and describing her physical appearance repeatedly to interested truckers over CB radio channels.

“She was doing the exact same thing on the CB,” said one officer involved in her arrest, who was familiar with the Call 6 Investigators report.

Kayla M. Lloyd, 27, of Indianapolis, was booked Wednesday night at a motel near several truck stops off Interstate 465 and South Harding Street. She was charged with prostitution and with trespassing, since the business owner had previously ordered her not to return to the property.

An arresting officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said undercover officers heard her describing her appearance and arranging meetings on the CB radio. 

“It was like she was reading off a cue card,” said the officer, who heard the woman list off her height, weight, bra cup size and saying she was “really pretty in the face” as if she had it memorized. Her description was recorded, using the exact same language again and again in the Call 6 Investigators report.

Undercover officers said they answered her, using their own CB radio, and then arranged a location to meet for a paid sexual encounter. 

Lloyd is then accused of arriving at the designated meeting spot and then agreeing to a sex act for money.  

Police said she was arrested after stepping out of an 18-wheeler that was parked nearby, and the driver was arrested on charges of acting as her pimp or manager.

Police said Eric Spittle, 30, of Indianapolis, was charged with a felony count of promotion of prostitution. He is accused of acting as her manager, and officers said he admitted to occasionally driving a truck to haul commercial loads, while gaining most of his income from Lloyd’s prostitution at the truck stops.

The Call 6 Investigators reported last month how police were making arrests by monitoring CB radios at the truck stops. Some truckers were heard acting as lookouts for marked police cars, while others were heard asking specific questions about sex acts and prices.

Police said they made several other arrests during Wednesday night’s sting.

Officers said Sandra Vielma, 30 of Indianapolis, was arrested on a prostitution charge at the same motel near the truck stops. Police said she arranged her deal over the telephone and was apparently not using the CB radio.

Police also arrested two out-of-state truck drivers on charges of patronizing a prostitute. Dale Shively, 40, of Utah, and Kiril Sokolove, 58, of Florida, were accused of approaching a woman near the truck stops to negotiate a sex deal. The woman was actually an undercover IMPD officer.

The surprise of the evening, police said, came as undercover officers were camped out in an unmarked patrol car near one of the motels. Police watched as a man started tearing gutters and downspouts from the side of a motel, in an effort to collect scrap metal. Police jumped out of their hiding spot and arrested the man, identified as Jim Cozart of Indianapolis, on a charge of felony theft.

Police said their crackdown on prostitution at the truck stops would continue.

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