Water company sends thousands of 'takeover' mailers

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana American Water is sending out more than 3,700 mailings Friday telling customers the Mooresville Town Council is wasting taxpayer money, Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney reported.        

The purpose of the mailer is to notify citizens about the eminent domain lawsuit, which is headed to trial June 3-6 in Martinsville.

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"The Mooresville town council continues to divert your tax dollars from needed public projects to pay for expensive condemnation lawyers and consultants," read the mailer.

As the Call 6 Investigators reported in 2012, the Mooresville Town Council voted unanimously to take over water service from Indiana American Water, citing a recent 17 percent increase for some homeowners.

In 2012, industrial users saw a 29 percent increase, and commercial users increased 15 percent.

Some citizens are concerns about the mailers sent by American Water.

"It looks like more of the American Water scare tactics to me," said Gregg Terhune of the Community Taxpayers Association. "They have continuously bombarded the town with scary propaganda. They have turned a small, but vocal, segment of the Mooresville population against the project."

The mailer said a survey of Mooresville residents shows 90 percent feel the town has more important priorities than buying the local water company.

Town council member Virginia Perry directed comment to their attorney, Chris Janak of Bose McKinney and Evans.

Janak has not yet responded to requests for comment on the mailers.

According to Joe Loughmiller, spokesman for American Water, the town of Mooresville has offered $7.3 million for the utility.

"The purpose of the trial will be to determine the value of our Mooresville system, which, as you will see in the piece, there is a wide disparity in what the parties believe that value is," Loughmiller wrote in an email to Kenney. "A panel of court-appointed appraisers came up with $14.5 million, and a nationally recognized firm we hired to determine the value set it at $24.1 million."

Indiana American Water has posted information on www.mooresvillewaterfacts.com.

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