Woman groped aboard Greyhound bus enroute to Indianapolis

Woman told police she woke up to man touching self

INDIANAPOLIS - Police have launched a criminal investigation after a woman reported she was fondled by a fellow passenger aboard a Greyhound bus Thursday morning, as their bus headed to the Indianapolis downtown bus station.

The 25-year-old Cincinnati woman told police that she woke up on her bus trip, somewhere around Greensburg in Decatur County, realizing that the man in the seat next to her was fondling her leg.

She told police the man had unzipped his pants and was touching himself when she woke up.

While she did not report the event to her bus driver, officers said she alerted police when the bus pulled into the Greyhound terminal at 350 South Illinois Street in downtown Indianapolis on Thursday morning.

Police were able to approach the suspect, according to their offense report, and he was identified as an 18-year-old Indianapolis man.

Officers reported that they told the man he was banned from the Greyhound terminal and would be subject to arrest if he returned.

The victim could not be reached at a Cincinnati phone number listed in her name.

A Greyhound representative did not immediately respond to a message left for comment on Thursday afternoon.

While the police report ended with the suspect being told to leave the Greyhound station, a police detective will be assigned to follow up and consider sexual misconduct charges against the man in the coming days.

A similar, but unrelated, event was reported in Canada back in March, but it had a different ending.  A woman woke up to find a man touching her in that case, and police instantly arrested him when the bus pulled into the station.

Last year, a Pittsburgh television station reported on numerous cases of sexual abuse aboard Greyhound buses over the past several years.   In one case, a woman filed a lawsuit accusing the bus driver of refusing to stop after the attack.  She alleged in her lawsuit that the driver told her to be quiet, but police did arrest the man once her bus arrived in Philadelphia.

Most of the cases highlighted in last year’s television report did end with the offenders being arrested as they arrived in the bus terminal after the assaults.

The report on file Thursday morning in Indianapolis did not mention a reason as to why the 18-year-old suspect was not arrested on the spot.

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