Women accused of selling vacant homes to unsuspecting families appear in court

Beverly Cannedy, Sheila Amos 'sovereign citizens'

INDIANAPOLIS - Two women accused of duping families into buying vacant homes that were actually owned by the city or banks were in court Monday.

Beverly Cannedy and Shela Amos are so-called sovereign citizens who believe laws don't apply to them. They claim to be children of God who don’t believe in state or federal laws, and they believe they have the right to seize any property that's vacant for more than a year.

Cannedy and Amos are accused of creating fake deeds and selling homes to unsuspecting families.

Cannedy pleaded guilty in court Monday to ripping off more than 30 families. She faces jail time and must repay more than $170,000.

Amos, the alleged mastermind of the home-selling scheme who said she's been studying how to seize vacant properties for two years, is facing a jury this week.

Amos said the court has no right to put her on trial, and she told the judge, "Everything you've done is fraudulent."

Amos' trial is expected to wrap up this week.
Cannedy will return to court in June to be sentenced.

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