Women raped at gunpoint after bus stop pickup

Two Indianapolis women told police they were raped at gunpoint after accepting a ride from two men at an east side bus stop on Saturday morning.
The women said they were waiting for a bus near East 16th Street and Emerson Avenue around 5 a.m. when a van stopped and a man offered them a ride.  The women told police the men in the van offered to take them wherever they were headed.
Instead of driving to their destination, both women said the van veered off course and drove them to a secluded area off Shadeland Avenue, where one of the men pulled a handgun.
Both women said they were raped in the van.
Police were told one man called the gunman by the name “Chris,” described as approximately 35-years-old and wearing a red T-shirt with camouflage pants.  The other man was described as around 25-years-old, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with blue jeans and wearing a necklace with a large silver cross.
The police report filed in connection with the attack does not list any other description for the men, and police reported no other leads in the attacks. IMPD headquarters declined to answer questions about the case on Saturday evening.
Both women said they were dropped off at the Admiral gas station in the 1800-block of Shadeland Avenue, where they called police.
Neither woman required hospital treatment for any injuries from the crime.
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