Worker's use of city truck draws harassment complaint

Worker: Photographer sparked state investigation

LAWRENCE - A city worker has filed a police complaint, claiming harassment, because someone is photographing his personal use of a city truck when he’s off the job.

The city employee told officers he first noticed someone taking his picture as he worked off duty off 52nd Street in February. His city truck was parked nearby and he noticed pictures being taken by a motorist in a passing car.

The worker said his next encounter with a photographer was in March when he parked his city truck in a disabled parking spot while attending a swap meet at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. He told officers he parked in the disabled spot because most of the parking lot was full, and in his words, “everyone was parking wherever they could.”

The city worker admitted that he was attending the swap meet between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. on that day, but he told police he was still on call for city business and therefore needed his city truck.

The 63-year-old city worker told police that his supervisors allow him to drive the city truck for personal activities, since he carries personal tools and is on call for city work.

He also told police that the photographer has apparently caused a state agency to initiate an investigation into his timecard, checking into his recorded entries and comparing them to hours he was actually performing personal business.

The city worker provided the name of the person who was seen snapping the photos, but no charges were filed.

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