Rate sign requirement

Sec. 931-305. Rate signs required.


At each commercial parking facility at which a fee is charged other than by parking meters, a rate sign or signs that complies with the requirements of this section shall be maintained at each entrance during hours of operation.


A primary sign shall show, at a minimum, the following information:


The rate charged for parking;


If the facility charges a flat rate for parking, collected at the time of entrance into the facility, the "flat rate charge" shall be displayed in figures not less than eight (8) inches in height; or


If the facility charges on the basis of the time elapsed from entrance into the facility until exit from the facility, the "hourly charge" for the first hour of parking and daily maximum rates shall be displayed in figures not less than six (6) inches in height.


If the facility charges rates that vary from time to time or event to event such sign shall be changed to reflect the charges being made currently.


A secondary sign is required:


To be prominently displayed which identifies the towing company's name and telephone number in the event that wrongfully parked vehicles are towed, and


For all facilities which charge an hourly rate displaying the rates and methods of calculation of the total charges in letters and figures not less than four (4) inches in height and placed so as to be easily read by motorist entering the facility.


If the entrance to a parking facility is from a one-way street, only one primary sign is required, placed so as to be visible to approaching vehicles. If the entrance to a parking facility is from a street with two-way traffic, the signage must be visible to approaching vehicles from each direction.


Any licensee, his agent or employee who charges a rate in excess of that posted at the time a vehicle entered the facility violates this section. The first violation in a twelve-month period shall be subject to admission of violation and payment of the designated civil penalty of $100 through the ordinance violations bureau in accordance with chapter 103 of this Code. A second and subsequent violations in a twelve-month period are subject to the enforcement procedures and penalties provided in section 103-3 of this Code.


All signs required by this section shall comply with all other applicable zoning ordinances and restrictions.

(G.O. 183, 1997, § 15; G.O. 86, 2003, § 1)

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