Cash In: Starbucks, Naked Juice settle class action lawsuits that could mean money for you

Starbucks and Naked Juice have just settled class action lawsuits that could mean money for consumers. 

Starbucks agreed to settle claims that it charged a hidden fee if customers bought less than a pound of bulk coffee at one of their stores. 

The company did not admit any wrong doing. 

The affected dates are December 2007 to November 2011. 

While the company settled for $1.7 million, each affected customer can get $5 back. Customers without a rewards card need to file a claim by Dec. 23. 

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Ever heard of Barbara's Bakery? 

They make everything from cereals to crackers and they're supposed to be all natural with no artificial additives. 

But a class action lawsuit claims the company used genetically modified ingredients. 

The company settled that suit but claimed no wrong doing. 

Consumers could get up to $100 if they bought the products between 2008 and this year. The deadline to file claims is Jan. 1. 

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A similar claim was filed against Naked Juice.

Allegations are that from September 2007 until August of this year, the juice contained ingredients that were synthetic and from genetically modified crops. 

The company settled the suit, but claimed no wrong doing. 

Depending on what proof of purchase customers have, they could claim up to $75 if they file by Dec. 17.

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