Crawfords Closing Flagship Bakery

Bakery Will Cease Retail Operations In September

The owners of Crawfords Bakery announced Tuesday they will close the doors at their landmark downtown location at the end of September.

The family-owned bakery's flagship store at 16th Street and Capitol Avenue has been open since 1987, the family said in a news release. With the building's lease expiring this year, the family said they would cease retail operations.

The company will continue to operate its wholesale baking facility, which produces baking products for resale in 40 states, the release said.

“[We] have wonderful memories of our customers and our lives have been touched by serving and supporting many families over the years,” bakery owner Rick Crawford said in a statement. “We know our closing is a loss for the community and we want to give everyone who wants the opportunity to come by and say goodbye.”

As a tribute to their loyal customers, the family said they would share the recipe for the bakery's famous chicken salad. That will be posted on the company's Web site on Labor Day.

The bakery will also host several customer appreciation events before the final closing date on Sept. 30.