5 cheetah cubs born at Virginia zoo

3rd litter born in 2013 in entire US

MOSELEY, Va. - A Virginia zoo is now the happy home to five new baby cheetah cubs.

The Metro Richmond Zoo announced Monday that the cubs were born Oct. 6 to their 4-year-old mother, Lana, and their 5-year-old father, Kitu.

The cubs were born at the zoo’s cheetah breeding center, ABC News reported.

"It'll be fun to watch them and mom," Metro Richmond Zoo Director Jim Andelin told ABC affiliate WRIC . "The cubs are not moving very far, but as they start to explore, they're going to give her fits when five different directions those cubs go."

The cubs are the first litter to be born at the Virginia zoo and they are only the third litter born in 2013 in the entire United States.

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