8-year-old boy saves father from yellow jacket swarm

WEST CHESTER TWP., Ohio - An 8-year-old boy is being praised after he saved his father from being attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets.

Nathan Meyers, 8, and his father, Troy, were working in the yard at their West Chester home when Nathan said he noticed his father "running around in circles screaming," as reported to WHIO-TV  .

Troy had stepped on an underground nest while mowing the lawn, which caused hundreds of yellow jackets to rise and begin to attack.

"He started hitting me with his gloves because (the yellow jackets) were on my back and my legs," Troy said.

Nathan's mother, Tania, heard the commotion outside, but Nathan warned her to stay inside because he knew she was allergic to bee stings. 

Nathan told WHIO that he wasn't scared, and was just trying to hit everything off. Nathan eventually killed a majority of the yellow jackets.

After the swelling subsided, Troy said he counted 42 places where he had been stung. "Without Nathan's quick response, it could have been a lot worse," Troy said. 

Troy has since had an exterminator destroy the wasps' underground nest.

"He's a brave spirit. He knows more things than you would ever imagine an 8-year-old could know. I couldn't ask for a better kid," he said. 

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