Camby family searches for missing pig

Pig escaped after being rescued

CAMBY, Ind. - A Camby family is trying to find a missing pot-bellied pig. The pig had already been discovered and rescued once -- only to escape again.

Elizabeth Forbes had an unexpected visitor on her back porch Monday night.

"I was shocked, to say the least, to look out on my patio and see a pig. Probably 10 or 15-pound pig standing on the back porch," Forbes said.

Forbes and her family did what any good animal lover would do. They decided to try to help the pig find its way back home. But it wasn't quite that easy.

"My oldest son, David, threw on his boots, ran off out the door like the dickens chased the pig around the front of the house, catapulted himself across the hood of his Blazer and took off into the next neighborhood chasing after the pig," Forbes said.

David chased the pig all the way to a retention pond. The pig ignored the obvious "no swimming" sign and took a plunge.

"My son, in a split second, decided that if this pig doesn't come back up, cause it had gone up underneath the ice, he was going to go in after the pig to save it," Forbes said.

The pig made it out of the water and David was able to catch it and take it back home. After drying and feeding their new pet, David decided to take it outside to go to the bathroom.

"So he puts a leash on it, tries to take it out for a walk and the pig is gone again," Forbes said.

The Forbes searched for an hour for the elusive swine but had no luck. Forbes posted a picture on the Facebook page Indianapolis Lost Pet Alert , but hasn't heard from the owner.

"I would like to think that it just got out of its yard. And there's somebody out there that's trying to find it and hopefully they see the picture on Facebook,” Forbes said.

Anyone who sees the pig is asked to post that information onto the Indianapolis Lost Pet Alert Facebook page .

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