Dad: 7-year-old's wish list is hilarious

One little girl's matter-of-fact Christmas wish list is proof that the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Drew Magary shared his 7-year-old daughter's list of hilarious gifts she hopes to find under their tree this year.

"[It] completely reminded me of my insane expectations for the holiday as a kid," Magary, 37, from Maryland, wrote to of his daughter's list. "I mean I literally thought I would get a helicopter."

His daughter begins with "New American Girl Doll of the Year 2014," which is quickly followed up with

"A bead kit like [my friend's]." Both of which, at first, seem fairly reasonable for a little girl of her age.
But the list continues.

Next, she is sure to include an item that any child would want: "A little thing that can turn into anything at any time."

And the fun doesn't stop there.

Scribbling on paper, the little girl wrote, "1,000 bucks," in addition to "a new canape that glows up," "a grill," and "a black, light blue, green, purple, and pink North Faces."

That's not one, not two, not even three North Face jackets, but five, surely to match every outfit.
She's "so, so bold," Magary explained. "I couldn't turn down the boldness if I tried."

Up next on the list is "a new radio," "Monster High ear buds," and "all of the Beanie Babies," followed by a "Justice black [peace sign] jacket," "Saige, the American Girl doll" and an "iPod Touch."

Just when the wish list seems to exceed expectations, she's still not done.

"A lightup Razor Scooter that is the color blue" is listed right before "a pet puppy," which she specifically notes she'd prefer to be a "Border collie with a [peace sign collar] and a leash."

Last but not least is a "a black rist bange," which Magary admits left him stumped, unsure of what the item even is. Finally, there's a movie called "Saige Paints the Sky ."

When asked how he reacted to being handed the list, Magary said, "Oh, I laughed! I thought it was great," adding, "She's very matter of fact about this stuff. 'This is what I want. Go get it for me.'"

Although she clearly won't be receiving the vast majority of the items on her list, he commends his daughter's frankness and early ability to know exactly what she wants in life.

"I love her," the proud father wrote.

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