Dalton Dingus, dying Kentucky boy with Christmas card wish, dies at age of 9

More than 500,000 cards collected

INDIANAPOLIS - A 9-year-old boy from rural Kentucky whose dying wish was to set a record for receiving the most Christmas cards has died.

Dalton Dingus, of Salyerville in eastern Kentucky, who had been battling cystic fibrosis, earned support from around the world with his Christmas card quest, collecting more than 500,000 cards, his family said.

Many of the cards were on display at the boy's funeral Wednesday. He had also encouraged those sending cards to reach out to other sick kids.

ABC News reported that Guinness World Records had been in contact with the family before Dingus' death. The current record is held by Canadian Jarrod Booth, who collected 205,120 cards.

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