Facebook users upset over couples pages

Shared pictures, events, posts included on page

INDIANAPOLIS - If you are married or dating, your relationship may have moved to a new level that you didn't even know about, thanks to Facebook.

The social networking site has taken information about users who are "in a relationship" and created a page for you, whether you want one or not.

Do you have a couples page? Find out here

The page details your shared posts, events and photos you were both tagged in.

Facebook calls it a new tool, but it's drawn a lot of ire from users.

"That's weird and creepy," Amber Parker wrote on the RTV6 Facebook page.

"Very creepy, considering I never asked for it. DISLIKE," Paul Gray posted.

"I think they've gone too far. And once it's done it can't be deleted from what I understand," Aj Pappas wrote.

But others said the couples page isn't any stranger than posting personal details online.

"Not sure why it would be creepy for a couple to enjoy being a couple and posting about it?" Cindy Ellen posted.

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