FireMe! Smartphone app keeps your tweets clean and your job intact


You had a tough day at the office, so you sent a passive-aggressive tweet about your boss. You don’t think much of it when you send 140 angry characters, but your actions could jeopardize your career.

You’ve heard stories about people who’ve been fired over social media posts. What seems like a simple declaration of frustration has actually compromised employees’ futures and cost them their livelihoods.

Now a new app is aiming to prevent you from making the same mistake so many others have. Created by a team of German developers, the FireMe! app assesses your risk of being fired based on tweets like “I hate my boss” or “I could just kill Judy in Accounting….”

You can check out the FireMe! app here and see what kind of tweet could potentially land you in hot water at work. You can also see what your odds are of being fired over your tweets.

So, what's a good rule of thumb when sending your tweets? The app's project leader Eelco Herder says to refrain from writing anything on Twitter that you wouldn’t want your boss to see.

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