Food blogger slams Hoosiers' fried pork tenderloin sandwich

INDIANAPOLIS - A food blogger's negative opinion of a favorite Hoosier food is stirring the pot.

According to Deadspin's Albert Burneko, the Hoosier fried pork tenderloin sandwich is slightly better than a finger in his eye.  (mobile users )

"This is a crispy chicken sandwich, only with a big, chewy sheaf of salty pig in place of the juicy, marinated chicken breast. It is neither particularly interesting nor particularly original. It is the signature food of Indiana, which, of course it is."

He goes on to trash talk Indiana's Midwest neighbor Ohio. He calls their style of chili "horrifying diarrhea sludge."

"Cincinnati chili is the worst regional foodstuff in America," Burneko said.

He continues his rant to target Kentucky's burgoo.

"Probably 78 percent of its ingredients were scraped off (Interstate)-64 with a snow shovel," he said.

While most of the foods he found delicious were from the Southern states, the food that made it to Burneko's No.1 spot was surprisingly from Indiana's other neighbor.

"The Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, America's greatest regional foodstuff—all those toppings…so much cheese and meat, I can hear my heartbeat," he said.

What do you think? Did Burneko miss the mark or was he right on point?

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