Game Boy turns 25

On April 21, 1989, Nintendo released its first Game Boy in Japan before it was available to U.S. teens and adults.  Here are some cool facts about the Game Boy we bet you didn't know:


  1. Game & Watch, the predecessor to Game Boy, let you play Donkey Kong, but it had no interchangeable cartridges.
  2. Game Boy's first screen had four colors of gray.
  3. Game Boy was powered by AA batteries.
  4. Game Boy brought Tetris to the masses
  5. The original price was $89.99
  6. It's competitor, the Atari Lynx, was priced at $179.99
  7. Game Boy was not just for boys.  In 1995, Nintendo claimed that 46 percent of users were female.
  8. Game Boy pocket was introduced in 1996.
  9. Before Pokemon was a popular cartoon, it was a game series released for Game Boy in 1996.
  10. Game Boy Color was introduced in 1998 and came in a choice of colors, even clear.
  11. Game Boy Advance launched in June 2001 and had larger graphics and a screen.
  12. When Nintendo dropped the "boy" element with Nintendo DS, it reached older audiences.
  13. Game Boy printer launched in 1998. It featured a thermal printer and allowed users to take low-resolution pictures.
  14. You can "play" Game Boy games on your iPhone or iPad, but it's not a product endorsed by Nintendo.

For more cool Game Boy facts from ABC NEWS, click here.

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