Gavin Degraw sits down for chat with RTV6 before concert

Degraw headlined Rev Your Engines Concert

INDIANAPOLIS - Gavin Degraw was the headliner for the Rev Your Engines Concert that took place to get Hoosiers revved up for the Indianapolis 500 on Saturday evening.

Degraw sat down with RTV6 anchor Todd Connor before the concert to talk about everything from racing to the Boston Marathon bombings.

When asked if he was a racing or IndyCar fan, he said that he was both but joked that he forgot his helmet at home.

“We used to watch stock cars when I was a kid. I would go with my granddad and we would park outside the track and stand on the hood of the car, it was a good introduction to racing,” DeGraw said.

He agreed that there is quite a draw to racing, including the smells and sounds.

Some may notice that Degraw is rarely seen without his hat.

“People talk about it like I’m having bad hair days. I just wear my hat to bed so no one has seen my hair,” Degraw joked.

RTV6 asked Degraw about his future plans and his next steps.

“My job as the writer and artist is to not edit myself, so there was a period in my career where I was sitting around and wondering what do they want to hear, and that was the wrong approach. I have moved that element and thought to myself I just have to say what’s on my mind, and if I write enough of those songs, maybe it will narrow down to the 10 songs they want to hear too that are also honest about me. We want to divulge all that information and get it out there and be as unedited as possible,” Degraw said.

Degraw tweeted out his emotional response after the suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was caught. He really wore his heart on his sleeve when it came to the issue.

“I’m a patriot, I’m not an artist who is shy about being patriotic or taking a stand for something. I’m a citizen of the world, but I am a U.S. citizen first, and when something like that happens on my turf, I think it is disgusting and a violation of my people. There is no reason to be bashful about that,” Degraw said.

RTV6 was proud to be the media sponsor of Saturday night’s concert.

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