Huge snowman stands tall, watching over neighborhood

INDIANAPOLIS - While parts of the South are completely floored by just a few inches of snow this week, some Hoosiers took a giant amount of snow and literally went above and beyond with it.

RTV6 crews stumbled upon the tallest snowman anyone of us has ever seen this week, constructed on the west side of Indianapolis near 22nd Street and Fisher Avenue.

The snowman, pictured, stands well over 20 feet tall just blocks from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Several people who say they've seen the snowman being built said whoever built it has been adding more snow to it every time we have a snowfall - which has given them plenty of opportunities to add more.

One person said each time it snows, they make the snowman into a different shape. It apparently had a "cone head" before this last snow, entertaining children who saw it.

Meanwhile, in the southern half of the country, millions are experiencing a rare snow "storm" that dropped a few inches of snow on places that already see travel problems like Atlanta. Find more on that Southern-style snow storm here.

Check out more pictures of the evolving snowman below.


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