Huggies app tweets when your baby has a wet diaper

Do moms need the 'Huggie TweetPee' app?

If you have ever had a baby, you know that little ones can sometimes go hours with a wet diaper before you discover it.

Now, there's an app for that, WXYZ reported

Huggies has just launched a new gadget and smartphone app called the Huggies TweetPee. The app tweets parents when their babies have a wet diaper.

The device is a small plastic bird-shaped device that's affixed to the outside of the diaper to detect dampness. When the diaper becomes damp, it sends a tweet to an app, which in turn lets you know that 'your baby needs changing now.'

Right now, the app is available only in test markets in South America and could launch in the U.S. soon.

Do Moms Really Need This?

AdWeek magazine called the app a "useless product innovation ," something moms really don't need.

But at the same time it complements Huggies for coming up with such a brilliant concept, as it is guaranteed to sell more Huggies diapers.

Think about it: a baby often goes several hours, and several pees, without a diaper change. With TweetPee alerting mom to every little squirt, diapers could be changed two or three times more often.

That's a lot of Huggies.

In addition, TweetPee keeps track of the number of diapers you go through, and alerts you when the supply is running low.

AdWeek, however, says a better device might be the "TweetPoop." After all, it is a number two deposit that is the bigger concern for parents. You don't want baby swimming in one of those for an hour or two.

To watch the South American ad (not in English) for the product, click on the video player below. Mobile users click here:

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