'Hump Day' ad spurs social hysteria, parodies

Geico ad hits 16 million YouTube views

It's infectious, some would say annoying, but the "hump day" commercial is the most widely shared ad of all time for a company already well known for its commercials featuring cavemen and a gecko.

The ad in which a camel traipses around an office, goading apparent co-workers about what day it is, calling the animal's humps into focus, has spurred hump day hysteria in social media, in offices all over the U.S. and in schools.

Geico's quirky camel commercial has been viewed 16 million times on YouTube, and parodies and reposts are nearing 50,000.

At Vernon Center Middle School in Connecticut, the hump day hype became such a distraction that children were asked to tone it down.

"Everybody's walking around in the hallways and saying it's hump day," said student Brooke Lewis.

The school's superintendent told ABC News, "This is something that happens in every middle school in the country every day."

Geico said its creative team focused on what would make anyone happy. As soon as the camel idea was born, they knew they were on to something.

For a company already keen on the animal kingdom, the camel might be the biggest hit of all.

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