Indoor games for kids on cold winter days

Whether you're a working or stay-at-home parent, baking cookies, drinking hot chocolate and watching your family's favorite movies only lasts so long on a cold day or a snow day. has compiled a list of creative ways to keep your children occupied when the harsh winter weather won't let them play outside.

Below are some ideas to keep the kids busy when they're home from school, as reported by

1. Indoor Sock Volleyball

For this game, you'll need to clear a 10-foot wide area area of furniture and rugs. Have the kids take off their shoes, but wear socks and split them into two teams. You'll need a 10-foot long piece of string or twine and a large inflated balloon. Position the kids on both sides of the string, having them support themselves on their hands and feet (crab style) with their backs to the floor. Have the first player toss the balloon while another player on the same team tries to kick the balloon over the string toward the opposing team. When a team allows the balloon to hit the floor, the other team gets the point and the balloon. The first team with 15 points wins the game.

2. The Camping Game

Appoint one child to be the "camp director" of the group. The rest of children line up and one-by-one think of items they would like to bring camping. The camp director then tells them either yes or no. However, the camp director is the only kid who is let "in" on the rules of the game. Participants are only allowed to bring items that begin with the same letter as their name. For example, Frank can bring a flashlight, but Sandra is forbidden to bring a tent. A prize can be offered to the first child to figure out the rules of the game.

3. Picture Scramble

If you have old magazines or images that you don't use anymore, rip each photo into four sections, or more if the kids are older. Scatter the pieces around one room in the house, but hold back one piece from each image. Give that piece to each child participating and have them race to find the rest. The first child to find all pieces for their image wins the game.

4. Memory Test

Take anywhere from five to 20 different household items and set them on a tray. Let the kids study the tray for 2 minutes and take the tray away. Have the kids write down what they remember. The child who remembers the most items win the game.

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