Jiu Jitsu teacher's photo goes viral: Clark Gracie known as 'Ridiculously Photgenic Jiu Jitsu Guy'

Gracie teaches, trains in San Diego

SAN DIEGO - Clark Gracie trains at the La Jolla Sports Club and he's won several Jiu Jitsu international titles, but it's a picture that was taken at a competition in New York last year that's getting all the buzz now.

"I just thought it was kind of funny and all my students started sending ones about it," said Gracie.

The picture that has spread across the Internet shows Gracie doing a move he does all the time in training.

"It's the first time somebody actually picked me up off the ground and I was able to keep my grips in and just hang on the guy," said Gracie

He eventually ended up finishing the move, and then the picture ended up on a web site that features ridiculously good-looking people in the strangest situations. Users can log on and add captions. 

Gracie's picture was an instant hit, and he even made an appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America."

"It was great; it really was a fun experience. The anchors were nice, made me feel right at home; they're a really fun group," said Gracie.

Gracie shared some of his favorite photo captions with RTV6 sister station 10News .

"I think it's kind of funny; there's one of a triangle." said Gracie.

The picture caption reads, "The only love triangle here is the one around your neck."

Another one reads, "Doesn't take a punch to take your breath away."

"Take your breath away, or something like that, it's kind of funny," said Gracie

His students in La Jolla were so excited for him and say he's great guy who has taught them lessons.

"Humble, you know, being humble, and I wasn't like that before," said assistant Instructor Serge Peduk.

Gracie hopes this experience will bring more people into his studio to learn about the physical and mental part of Jiu Jitsu.

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