Kmart unveils another near-profane advertising gag focused on 'big gas' savings

After setting the advertising world on fire with its "ship your pants" campaign, Kmart is back with another nearly profane ad gag.

This time, it uses wordplay to talk about gasoline savings. It features a series of people saying customers can now get "big gas" savings at Kmart, including phrases like "I have a big gas problem," and "Hey, big gas guy!"

To watch the commercial, click on the video player below or go to

Never mind that most Kmarts, unlike Walmarts, don't have gas stations attached. The purpose of this ad, like the first one about shipping pants, is for people to talk about it and share it, sending it viral.

The first "ship your pants" commercial got more than 15 million views on YouTube its first few weeks online.

To watch the "ship your pants" commercial, click on the video player below or at .

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