MUST WATCH VIDEO: Best 'Jeopardy' answer ever

Teen contestant cashes in with clever answer

The teenage "Jeopardy" contestant's appearance gained lots of attention with his towering afro and informal wardrobe, but his clever answer earned him the top spot as Teen Tournament champion.

Leonard Cooper went into Final Jeopardy round with $37,000, barely enough to keep him from taking home the big prize.

With the clue, "On June 6, 1944, he said 'The eyes of the world are upon you,'" Cooper bet $0 and wrote the response: "Who is some guy in Normandy, but I just won $75,000!"

Even though one of his competitors had enough to beat him if he answered correctly, but he didn't and Cooper walked away with the big prize.

Cooper's comeback even delighted the normally temperate host, Alex Trebek, who replied to the bold answer with "You did indeed. Way to go."

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