N. Ky. woman nurtures pet duck

CRITTENDEN, Ky. - A duck that has sweaters and a traveling companion. The small aviator rides shotgun, but don't say that too loudly, on the dashboard of a car.

Chris Rhodes, of Crittenden, says her pet duckling imprinted on her, follows her everywhere and gets really loud when she leaves the room.

His name is Subzero. He was named that because he hatched in those far reaching negative temps when it was 20 below zero around the Tri-State back in January.

"We have all kinds of different chickens, a few turkeys, peafowl, ducks, a guinea, a goose, rabbits, and nubian goats," Rhodes said.

Rhodes hopes the weather breaks soon so the little feathered friend can roam around outdoors.

In the meantime, the chick will stay comfy with sweaters and heat inside.

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