Over-the-top Christmas lights display in Arizona is trumped by neighbor's 'ditto' sign

Sign is getting attention across the globe

MARICOPA, Ariz. - An Arizona home "decked to the halls" with more than 20,000 Christmas lights is being trumped in publicity by the house next door with its measly 400 lights.

The next-door neighbor is getting all the attention because the light display simply says “ditto” with an arrow pointing to the "Winter Wonderland" home.

"How am I gonna keep up with that guy," said the "ditto" homeowner, Kristina Green. "I don’t even have a ladder."

Green’s next-door neighbor, Eric Cyr, has the house that originally attracted people with its Clark Griswold-style décor, but the ditto sign is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, creating headlines in Australia, England and Ireland.

Both homes were first featured on Scripps station KNXV-TV in Phoenix on Monday night and by the next morning, Green said other reporters were calling from around the country.

Cyr said he’s not disheartened by the fact that some people prefer the ditto sign to his display. He shouldn’t be -- the ditto sign was his idea. He built it and even hung it up.

"Ditto says it all," Cyr said.

Cyr said that this is the third year the sign has been displayed at his neighbor’s house, but it did not get attention until this year when a Facebook page was created for it.

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