Phone apps claim to test your intoxication, but police warn about accuracy

TAMPA, Fla. - With the New Year right around the corner, people across the country will be reaching for the champagne and this year, potentially, their phones.

Shane Price is one of them.

Tomorrow night, he's thinking of using a phone app to help gage just how drunk he really is.

"It sounds awesome," Price said. "Besides being able to find out if you can get in your car and drive home, I mean it sounds like a fun thing to do with your friends."

There's now several apps to choose from. DrinkTracker helps you keep track of just how much you've had to drink while other apps, like Intoxicheck, claim to check your impairment through tests of your reaction time and pattern recognition.

Breathaleyes even claims to show you your blood alcohol content (BAC) through a videotape of your eyes.

But not everyone is on board. Andrea Davis, a spokesperson for the Tampa Police Department, not only questions the validity of these apps, she downright discounts them.

"Relying on a mobile app to determine your level of intoxication is not a good idea," said Davis.

Davis says everyone metabolizes alcohol differently. She says people should only use these applications for fun.

"They should be used for no other purpose," Davis said. "If you're questioning whether or not you should get behind the wheel, you probably shouldn't."

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