Police investigate mystery 'playground pooper'

YPSILANTI, Mich. - Police in Michigan said they believe they have identified the person who defecated repeatedly in a Ypsilanti park.

"The Ypsilanti Police Department continues to investigate the health & safety issue of the defecator in Prospect Park. We are investigating a person of interest possibly involved in these incidents," said  Lt.Deric Gress of the Ypsilanti Police Department in a statement.

The news comes after an advertising agency stepped up to help identify the mystery pooper who was repeatedly striking an Ypsilanti playground.

"Help us catch the poopetrator," "Do you civic doody, report the pooper," and "Help us flush the pooper," the signs read.

The signage also included the hashtag #ypsipooper. A Twitter handle under the same name has also been created.

RTV6 sister-station WXYZ asked police if the billboards helped them identify the person who some have said is "Public Enemy No. 2."  Police said they are going to give the credit to good police work.

Todd McWilliams, the General Manager at Adams Outdoor Advertising, said the hope was that by raising awareness they could pressure the "pooper" to stop.

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