Police: Man faked robbery story to avoid telling wife he spent 1,000 at strip bar

Man faces filing false report charge

LA FERIA, Texas - A man faked a story about a robbery to avoid telling his wife that he spent their $1,000 tax return at a strip bar, authorities in Texas said.

Jesus Mata Jr., 21, recently received the refund and decided to spend it at the bar on Wednesday, police said, before he concocted a story to police that gunmen with assault weapons took the money.

Police said Mata told them he was robbed at gunpoint at 3 a.m. and that six men in two trucks boxed in his car and took the money.

Law enforcement in the area conducted a search after hearing Mata's story.

"We followed a wild goose chase and ended up with no one. We followed a couple of leads that led us nowhere," La Feria Police Chief Don Garcia told KRGV-TV.

When Mata was questioned a second time and inconsistencies were found, police said Mata admitted making up the story.

"I started drinking some Bud Lights and I got a couple of lap dances," police said Mata told them. "I was there until they closed at 2 a.m.

Mata was taken into custody Thursday on a charge of filing a false report, but additional charges could be filed.

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