Starbucks announces exclusive $450 gift card

Gift card made of steel


Starbucks is brewing up the ultimate gift for the coffee addict on your shopping list.

The high-end coffee company has announced plans to release its first "super premium" gift card.

The price tag is enough to jolt even the most-caffeinated Starbucks buyers.

Owning one of the exclusive cards will set you back $450 and come pre-loaded with $400 in spending money. 

That's enough for about 206 cups of Grande Brewed Coffee.

And this isn't your average gift card. This high-price purchase is made of steel.

If you're interested in buying a Starbucks card, don't ask your favorite Starbucks barista.

Starting on Thursday, the cards will be available to Starbucks members exclusively at

They will be available to the general public on Friday.

Only 5,000 Starbucks steel cards will be made.


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