WATCH: Dad pulls son's wobbly tooth with remote-controlled helicopter

DUBLIN - One dad used dental floss and a remote-controlled helicopter to pull his son’s baby tooth.

The video of Adam Swan and his father Malcom has gone viral on YouTube.

Malcolm Swan, told Irish Radio Station RTÉ 2FM on Tuesday that his son initially was against the idea.

“He had a very loose tooth the day before Patrick's Day,” said Malcolm Swan. "About three or four weeks ago, I got my hands on a (helicopter) with remote controls, and I just said to him, 'Oh, come on. Let me pull it out with that.'"

Malcom Swan told his son that if his tooth didn't fall out on its own, he would continue with his plans.
After Adam tried to jiggle the tooth loose without success, the pair headed off toward an empty field near their home.

Malcolm Swan said he managed to tie about 30 feet of dental floss to the end of his son’s loose tooth, and the other to the (helicopter) and “away we went," ABC NEWS reported.  Watch on mobile:


ABC US News | ABC Business News

Although Adam Swan was excited about the tooth pull, one downside is that he likely won't get a visit from the tooth fairy because the tooth was never recovered. 

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