Woman finds foot in package of chicken breasts at grocery store

PHOENIX - A woman spotted a package of chicken breasts with what appears to be a little something extra inside.

According to NewsBreaker , Lindsey J. who goes by the Twitter handle @liiindseyyy412, tweeted a photo of the package which appears to include a severed chicken foot.

Lindsey wrote in the tweet, “Hey, @Safeway, does this look like 'chicken breast' to you? I'm vomiting."

Lindsey wrote in a statement that she came across the package while shopping for dinner. She said she tweeted the photo to Safeway and they responded almost immediately, asking in which store it was found.

Lindsey said the store is located at 39th Avenue and Happy Valley Road in North Phoenix.

According to Lindsey, she returned to the store and the package was still in the display case. Lindsey said she asked a man next to her to look at it and she said he agreed it was disgusting.

Lindsey said she also spoke to an employee who asked where the package was located so they could find it.

When ABC15 asked for a response from Safeway, Director of Public Affairs Nancy Keane sent the following statement:

We appreciate that our customer notified us about an object in a package of chicken breasts. We have confirmed with the supplier that the object was a chicken foot, which is a product that the supplier processes and sells to other retailers. While the part does not pose a health risk, we are investigating how it became packaged in with our product. The package was removed from sale.

Safeway sent an email to Lindsey saying they are looking into the photo and they would respond following “a thorough investigation.”

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