Woman sues employer after she was fired for refusing Brazilian wax

Jennifer Finley sues European Wax Center

PITTSBURGH - A woman is suing her former employer after she was fired for not giving her co-worker a Brazilian wax.

Jennifer Finley has filed a lawsuit against the European Wax Center near Pittsburgh after her trainer told the staff they were required to perform Brazilian wax hair removals on each other.

When Finley refused, she was fired.

"She was asked to expose her private parts to her co-workers and to have a physical view of her genitals altered. She did not feel that that was legal," said Finley's attorney, Janice Russell.

Finley is now suing for damages, back pay and legal fees.

Finley also said she wants European Wax Centers to stop forcing its employees to undergo the painful and embarrassing procedure to keep their jobs.

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