Debbie's Deals: Get coupons, offers for Jamba Juice, Noodles, Qdoba, Boston Market, Arby's, more

If you like to eat out, then it's worth the time to sign up for your favorite restaurant's email deals.

Many restaurants send out coupons to these fans and sometimes even give you a freebie for signing up.

Let's take a look at some of the fast-casual and fast-food restaurants offering these deals:

Noodles. Sign up for Noodlegram and you'll get occasional coupons, but mainly information about new products.

Qdoba. Qdoba will email you coupons, but you have to pick up a free rewards card in store, then register the card to get the email offers. Details:

Boston Market. Sign up for Boston Market's VIP club and get $3 off your next purchase. You'll also get occasional coupons for discounts and freebies like free dessert:

Dairy Queen. Sign up for Dairy Queen's Blizzard fan club and get a coupon for a free blizzard, when you buy one:

Chick-fil-A. Sign up for the email insiders and you'll get news and exclusive promotions:

Sonic. Join Sonic's Ice Cream Social Club and get free desserts and insider news:

KFC. KFC sends coupons to members of its Colonel's Club:

Arby's. Get a free roast beef sandwich (with the purchase of a drink) when you sign for Arby's email insider club:

Burger King. Sign up for BK alerts and get emails with coupons and news:

Taco Bell. Sign up for Taco Bell's email club to get news and offers:

In this high-tech world, other restaurants are only offering deals via text message, your phone or app:

*Note, these were the deals/specials when I signed up for these e-clubs in February 2014. The deals will change over time.

If you see a fast food or fast-casual restaurant I missed, e-mail Debbie (

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