Deer Kills Dog In Homeowner's Backyard

Doe Likely Protecting Newborn Fawn

A female deer that trampled to death a dog after the canine barked at it may have been trying to protect its newborn fawn, conservation officers said.

Jeanette Marchant said she was sitting on her patio with her daughters and grandchildren when the deer crept into her backyard and charged at her barking dog.

She and her family members screamed as the deer trampled and killed her dog, an affenpinscher named Maggie.

After last Saturday's attack, Marchant called the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for help with the aggressive doe.

Conservation officers said the attack was a rare and isolated incident.

"It's very uncommon. I've been a conservation officer for 11 years, and this is the first time that I've had to deal with this," said Officer Angie Goldman.

She said the doe was probably aggressive because it was protecting its newborn fawn.