Former school treasurer ordered to repay more than $35,000

Board of Accounts says funds misappropriated

ORANGE COUNTY, Ind. - The state has demanded a former school treasurer repay $35,529.49 after an audit revealed questionable expenses.

The State Board of Accounts said Sonya McKeighen, of the Lost River Career Cooperative, misappropriated the money between July 2009 and June 2011.

The audit said McKeighen paid herself for unused vacation leave time, but the payments were not authorized by the school board.

Auditors also questioned $21,316.19 in late penalties, interest and other charges paid to the IRS, Department of Revenue and other agencies.

"Officials and employees have the duty to pay claims and remit taxes in a timely fashion," read part of the report.

The audit has been forwarded to the Orange County prosecutor, who will determine if criminal charges against McKeighen are warranted.

The Attorney General's Office has also received a copy of the report and can try to recoup the money on behalf of taxpayers.

According to the report, McKeighen's term ended with the school corporation on April 20, 2012.

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