IU Reforms Sexual Assault Resources

Goal Is To Encourage More Victims To Come Forward

Students at Indiana University's Bloomington campus have new resources when reporting sexual assaults.

The school has teamed with law enforcement and Bloomington Hospital to help encourage students who've been attacked to come forward, 6News' Ben Morriston reported.

"We have no reason to believe that we don't fit the national statistics of one in six students being assaulted," said Carol McCord, the association dean of students.

The new Sexual Assault Response Team will work more closely with victims, beginning with a special group of sexual assault nurse examiners who will spend several hours treating each victim, not the one hour that had been typical.

"There's a more coordinated care for the individuals, a sense of well being that gives them a sense of control of the situation," said hospital spokeswoman Mary Hoskins.

Police will also work with victims to procure more evidence. Authorities said they hope the effort will lead to more convictions.

"You collect it at the hospital, it's preserved. It can be used in legal proceedings later on and that results in better evidence for charges being filed and more guilty pleas," said Monroe County Prosecutor Chris Gaal.

The program will also push to educate students about the meaning of consent and what sexual assault entails. The effort will be promoted on campus using posters and brochures.