State sends schools guidelines for snow makeup days

Schools have waiver, non-waiver options

INDIANAPOLIS - Schools scrambling to figure out how to cope with all the extra snow days this winter season now have some guidelines to go by in making up those days.

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz on Thursday that includes both waiver and non-waiver options for schools working to reschedule classroom time.

Under the guidelines, schools are permitted to reschedule holidays, flex days or professional development days without requesting a waiver from the Department of Education.

Schools can also opt to have classes on Saturdays or simply add the extra days to the end of their calendars.

School districts can also choose to lengthen class time each day for students. Schools that choose that option can get a waiver for an additional day once they rack up enough hours using that method to meet the minimum definition of an instructional day -- five hours for grades 1-6 and six hours for grades 7-12.

Using that strategy, elementary schools could make up a day by adding an hour to their schedule each day for a week.

"This year's storms have been extreme and have interrupted instruction for schools throughout the state," Ritz said in a news release. "I have spoken with countless superintendents throughout the state and they have all asked for more flexibility for scheduling instructional time."

School districts must apply for conditional waivers by June 1.

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