Engaged couples turn to crowdfunding to help pay for weddings

1,533 active wedding campaigns with GoFundMe

SAN DIEGO - Weddings and honeymoons can often be expensive, and now more couples are turning to crowdfunding websites to help pay for them.

As RTV6 sister station 10News found out, North County, Calif., residents Noah Breeze and Janica Smith are getting married Friday in front of 75 of their closest family and friends.

"The whole soulmate idea, it actually exists," Breeze said.

The couple's wedding costs about $13,000, far less than the average of $30,000.

However, for Breeze and Smith, money has still been a big issue.

In need of some extra help, the couple turned to the popular website GoFundMe.com.

"The GoFundMe has been huge," Breeze said. "We were not expecting anything close to what we were asking."

There are hundreds of couples on GoFundMe asking for support for their wedding bliss. Some were asking for a few hundred dollars, while others were asking for several thousand.

Breeze and Smith have raised nearly $700 of their $1,000 goal. For Breeze, that was the perfect amount.

"I think there's a point where you can get a little too carried away," Breeze said.

An official for the San Diego-based company told Team 10 that when it comes to weddings and honeymoons there are 1,533 active campaigns right now with more than 16,300 donors willing to pitch in.

"Being able to see such generosity from complete strangers, it just gives me faith that there are still a lot of really good people out there, that they want to see people be happy," Breeze said.

GoFundMe launched in 2010 in San Diego. Currently, there are more than four million users, and more than $300 million has been raised through the website.

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