Excise police arrest nearly 50 during Ball State's move-in weekend

MUNCIE, Ind. - Indiana State Excise Police said officers arrested nearly 50 people on nearly 60 charges during Ball State University’s move-in weekend. Police said a few of them got physically and verbally violent with officers.

Police said the 46-person arrest streak began Thursday when excise officers issued summonses to six people for charges that included minor consumption of alcohol, minor in a tavern, possession of false government-issued I.D., false statement of age and furnishing alcohol to a minor.

Then on Friday, officers arrested 27 on charges of minor possession of an alcoholic beverage, public intoxication and fleeing law enforcement.

On Saturday another 15 were arrested on 21 charges that included minor in possession of alcohol, false informing, disorderly conduct, resisting law enforcement and battery on a police officer.

Police said a few suspects got quite rowdy, with one who was under 21 trying to resist arrest. Another case involved a man of legal drinking age who would not stop coming back to try to enter a bar after being told by an officer to leave. Police said he hurled obscenities at the officer, resisted arrest and was finally placed in handcuffs.

"The goal of the Indiana State Excise Police for the new college school year is ensure that new and returning students have a safe year.” Superintendent Matt Strittmatter stated. “Officers will remain diligent to make certain that underage drinking is minimal, so the students and the community are safe."

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