'Game of Thrones' Facebook post tricks users into downloading malware

Don't Waste Your Money

No, "Game of Thrones" is not canceled.

Yes, the series is famous for killing off most of its beloved characters – but HBO has not decided to pull a similar move and execute its most popular show of all time.

A Facebook post that went viral this week claims otherwise, stating the series will end after the fourth-season finale next Sunday.

But clicking on the post’s link leads you to a place almost as dangerous as Westeros: An Internet scam.

The link takes you to a web page that claims your web browser needs to update its Java plugin before you can view the page's contents.

The page will then ask you to download “Java Version 7 Update 25.”

The real Java Version 7 is already at Update 60, and Version 8 is at Update 5.

According to several tech blogs , the software being offered is really adware and malware – and should not be downloaded. Actual Java updates should always be downloaded from the official Oracle website .

So for all you "Game of Thrones" fans, don't worry: Winter is still coming.


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