Barking dog, teen credited for saving woman's life

Boy followed calls for help, called 911

ALEXANDRIA, Ind. - Authorities are crediting a barking dog and a young teen for saving an 82-year-old woman's life Sunday night.

Sean Kilgore, 15, was in his Alexandria home when his German shepherd Gunner began "barking like crazy" around 11:30 p.m., Madison County Sheriff Ron Richardson said.

Kilgore opened his window to see if he could figure out what the dog was barking about. The boy heard a faint call for help, Richardson said.

Kilgore went outside and walked in the direction of where the voice sounded like it was coming from. As the calls for help grew louder, he ended up at a nearby home and could hear the calls for help coming from inside the garage, officials said.

Richardson said Kilgore called 911 from his cellphone and officers were sent to his location. Police arrived and were able to get inside the home.

Authorities found 82-year-old Margie Humphrey lying on the garage floor. She told police she had fallen during the day and could not get up.

Humphrey was taken to St. Vincent Hospital in Anderson. Officials estimated she had fallen around 11 a.m. or 12 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

On Monday, both Humphrey and her daughter told authorities they believe that Kilgore and his dog were responsible for saving Humphrey’s life.

Richardson met with Kilgore and his uncle Monday evening to deliver thanks from Humphrey and her family. Richardson said both Kilgore and Gunner will receive a citizen's award.

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